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Detroit: The Illustrated Medical JournalCo.; pp. " We regret very much that Archives of Dentistry is no more. In this connection, I wish to state that Dr. " J.] from dealers in Dental or Medical and Surgical supplies, or directly from us. He has succeeded in producing pure cultures. Brown, Atlanta, Contour Gold Filling.

Patterson at 5 o'clock, on ' ' Plastic Filling. This kind of toothache is also caused by cold. Stem, Sec'y, 4319, 13th Ave., B^klyn, N. I am not accustomed to clean bought teeth. Stevens, Lynn; Second Vice President, Dr. The valedictorywas delivered by Geo. Geo. Libby's paper, he has made filling easy and very perfect. On Slight Ailments ; their Nature and Treatment. The "Albany," .00 per day carisoprodol dosage maximum and .00 to S20.00 per week. Pump acid into canal to ape.x of root with a No. Louis, "Immediate Filling of Pulpless Roots;" Dr. Louis, and be forced to move to Cairo for elbow room.