Sunset Swirl Tapered Pocket Vase

Price: $35.00

This graceful little vase is perfect to hang on a bedroom or bathroom wall, outside, or in a window. A layer of streaky orange glass is fused over a cream base. The little pocket created between the layers will hold water and small flower cuttings to brighten up the space where it is hung.Great as a reed diffuser or incense stick holder as well! Pack more impact by staggering two or more on a wall.

  • Vase measures 4" x 7" and is less than 1/2" thick.
  • Brass chain attaches to hooks that are fused into the glass, so you can hang your vase anywhere you want.
  • Because the glass is opaque, light will not pass through if hanging in a window.

Each fused glass vase is individually and lovingly handmade. Because of this and based on how glass responds during the fusing process, item ordered may differ slightly from picture. This guarantees that your handcrafted piece will be unique!


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