Purifying Fire Necklace

Price: $52.00

A two-toned, search brass ring frames this translucent red orb. Liquid platinum is painted on the back of the glass to add a little sizzle and a brass filigree finding wraps around from behind to cradle the piece and add another design element that can be seen through the glass. The red of the glass is not a constant red, variation will be present and could be darker than pictured here. If you’d like to approve a picture of what you will be sent just email!

Necklace comes with a card describing the Purifying Fire Meditation to burn away regrets and shame to clear a path for healthy living.

  • fused glass, brass
  • 18? adjustable brass chain
  • Measures approximately 1.5? in diameter

Each Cocoon piece is individually and lovingly handmade. Because of this and due to variations in the glass response during the fusing process, item ordered may differ slightly from picture. This guarantees that your handcrafted piece will be unique!


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