Flowing Water Necklace

Price: $47.00

A shimmering blue glass orb is cradled by brass filigree. Depending on the light, salve the gorgeous design of the filigree can be seen through the glass. Pendant is reversible so can be worn with the filigree on top instead of underneath.

The blue symbolizes water and its cleansing qualities. The sound of flowing water connects us with the flow of nature and reminds us that change is a natural part of life to be embraced.

  • fused glass, sildenafil brass filigree
  • 18? adjustable chain
  • Measures approximately 1? in diameter
  • Presented on a beautiful card describing the Flowing Water Meditation.


Each Cocoon piece is individually and lovingly handmade. Because of this and due to variations in the glass response during the fusing process, item ordered may differ slightly from picture. This guarantees that your handcrafted piece will be unique!


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